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Allergy-Proof Your Home With These Simple Steps

By: Old Point Bank / 17 May 2017
Allergy-Proof Your Home With These Simple Steps

About 40 million people suffer from indoor allergies, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Here are a few ways to reduce your exposure to indoor allergens:

  • Dark, Damp Spaces - Certain spaces in your home, such as basements and bathrooms, can collect moisture, leading to mold that releases spores. Keep these places dry and keep the humidity in your home below 50%. If mold has formed on any surfaces, use 5 parts bleach to 95 parts water to remove it.
  • Bedding - Use allergen-proof covers for pillows, mattresses and box springs. Washing your bedding in hot water also kills dust mites.
  • Pets - Saliva and dander cause most pet allergies. If removing the pet from the home is not an option, keep your pets from accessing bedrooms in the home. Grooming your pet every few weeks can also keep allergens to a minimum.
  • Air - Properly maintain the ventilation in your home to filter out allergens. Make sure your filters are clean and use a dehumidifier. Ceiling fans can also help circulate air and prevent water from condensing and mold from forming.
  • Windows - Keep windows closed so that outdoor allergens, such as pollen, do not enter your home. Pollen counts are highest from 4am to 10am.




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