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Cold Calling Tips For Realtors!

By: Old Point Bank / 16 Aug 2017
Cold Calling Tips For Realtors!

Cold calling can be a daunting task but with diligence, the proper plan, and smart prospecting, cold calling can still be a productive part of your lead generation strategy. Here are some tips that'll help make the most of your cold calling efforts!

  • Set An Attainable Goal: Set a daily goal for cold calling starting with your warm leads. Many leads can be found through social media and new people you've met from attending local events.
  • Organize Leads by Area: By organizing your leads by area, it helps you learn about that area and its market values, local establishments, and other important neighborhood details.
  • Provide a VIP Experience: Demonstrate early in your call that you know a lot about the community and demonstrate a level of dedication and support from the get-go. Don't sound like you're repeating information from a script. Tailor the conversation by asking specific questions that allow you to get to know the person more.
  • Let the Conversation Flow: You can do so by not utilizing a script for your conversation. Some lead sources can include inactive listings, obituaries, and divorce records. Make note of your sources so you can talk specifically to each caller and meet their objections smoothly.
  • Know Who NOT To Call: By law, you are not allowed to call anyone without verifying they are not on the Do Not Call List. At the very least, simply apologize to the lead and ask them if they'd like your assistance or to receive your monthly newsletter. If there's a clear need you can service, it doesn't hurt to try a cold call.

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