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Easy Landscaping Ideas!

By: Old Point Bank / 12 Jul 2017
Easy Landscaping Ideas!

Here are a few wonderful yard landscaping ideas that will add warmth, color, and texture to the place that you call home!

  • Greet Guests With Flowers – Adorn your entrance with various types of flowers to give your home color all year long. Flowers make a home seem more welcoming.

  • Dress Up Your Driveway – Hide an unattractive driveway by sculpting the landscape and choosing the right plants and materials. Create a slightly raised island of lawn in the center of the drive. Then add a low boxwood hedge toward the back of it with various flowers rising above the hedge in the front.

  • Add Height with Planters and Baskets – Give your landscape design dimension with lovely, eye-catching layers of elevated planters and hanging baskets.  This creates visual interest with minimal effort!

  • Grow Blooming Shrubs – Blossoming flowers, shrubs, and trees make a huge impact across a yard and adds color in one lasting step.

  • Hide Outdoor Structures – Hide structures such as sheds, garages, and outdoor work spaces by using them as a setting for a beautiful display of plants and flowers. You can add shelves on the exterior above the entrance or windows and even add potted plants at the base of the structure.

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