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Fresh Instagram Tips For Realtors

By: Old Point Bank / 28 Feb 2018
Fresh Instagram Tips For Realtors

Here are 5 fresh Instagram tips for realtors in 2018!

Set up a real estate account.
Using your personal account for business isn't a great idea. It's best to create a separate account for business and set it up as a business profile. With a business profile, you can get more insight on your followers including how many viewed your video and other analytics.

Hashtags can be incredibly informative.
Hashtags can be informative when used correctly. They can be quite efficient as keywords when you describe information in the photo such as furniture material, location, and the décor designer. 

Social media management.
Certain metrics will determine the engagement rate of your content. For example, the best time to post is on Wednesday at 7pm. There are also differences between whether you post a video or an image. For videos, any day between 9pm and 8am will do, whereas images are more or less consistent all week long. 

Contact a real photographer.
Taking photos using your phone is a viable choice but may not always be the best one. For the most appealing look, you'll need a high-end camera and proper lighting.

Fixer uppers are Instagram friendly.
By showing fixer-uppers that were successfully sold and their transformation story, this will stimulate people's imaginations. Every next fixer-upper you decide to offer will appear as a challenge for people willing to make the transformation their own.

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