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How Much Will It Cost To Sell?

By: Old Point National Bank / 08 Aug 2018
How Much Will It Cost To Sell?

Selling your home can cost you. As a home seller, expect to pay part of the transaction costs. However, some expenses are negotiable and fluctuate with the real-estate market. Here are a few major costs of selling a house.

  • Realtor's commission: This is usually the biggest fee a seller pays and it's split between the seller's agent and the buyer's agent. Many homeowners try avoiding this fee by offering their home as for-sale-by-owner. However, if you do that, be prepared to assume all of the duties of a real-estate agent.
  • Home repairs: There are probably a few things you could do to enhance your home's appeal and raise its value. Also, if the inspection uncovers any problems, you may have to fix those as well.
  • Home staging: Hiring a professional stager might pay off because they do what's necessary to enhance your home's best features. They help give buyers a clear picture of what the house could look like after they move in. 
  • Keeping the water and AC on: If you're moving out before you sell, you'll want to continue paying for water and electricity. A home without it can be difficult to show to buyers.

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