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How To Be the Best Homeowner You Can Be

By: Old Point National Bank / 15 Feb 2018
How To Be the Best Homeowner You Can Be

Are you being the best homeowner you can be? It's important to be savvy as a homeowner in order to prevent expensive problems and increase your home's value. Here are a few nuggets of advice to keep top of mind!

  • Safety first. Keep an eye out for issues that will affect the safety of current and future residents (i.e. cracked stairs, faulty lights, tripping circuit breakers). Faulty wiring, for example, is the #1 thing to avoid when buying a home. Make sure yours is good to go.
  • Go green. Eco-friendly homes sell faster and for more money. You don't have to do a major overhaul to reap the benefits of an eco-friendly house. You can make one change, like adding solar panels or reducing your home's water usage.
  • Check the exterior. It's important to maintain your siding, brick or stucco at least once a year. Peeling paint or rotting siding can lead to water damage and mold growth and can become a health issue. Don't forget to also inspect your roof.
  • Know your pipes. Leaky pipes can cause serious water damage. If your pipes are past their prime, hire a professional for a thorough check-up. Your home inspection report you received at move-in should tell you what kind of pipes you have and how old they are.
  • Protect your wood floors. Wood floors can be sensitive to water, easily scratched and hold dirt easily. Keep them safe by cleaning them regularly and putting felt pads on all of your furniture.

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