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Ideas For Marketing an Open House

By: Old Point National Bank / 10 Apr 2018
Ideas For Marketing an Open House

In order to have a successful open house, you must get creative to get people through the door! Here are a few ideas to help you get your open houses seen!

  • Send Emails. Keep a strong email list and let them know you have a new open house. To make it not feel like spam, make the open house feel like an event. Include anything special you're doing at the open house like serving food or having a kids' corner. Keep it personal and write it like you're talking one-to-one with your clients.
  • Network With Agents. Get to know agents in your area – the agents that are selling as many houses as you are and more. Within your network, agree to share information on upcoming open houses. Working together can help everyone get more people through their open houses!
  • Be Creative On Social Media. Post about your open house on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Ask your sellers to share the post on their social media sites as well. You can also create an ad for the open house on both Facebook and Twitter.
  • Kid-Friendly. Create a kids' corner at your open house so that parents can stroll through the open house. Bring coloring book pages and crayons so the kids will have something to do. Parents will have a lot more time to look at the details of the house.
  • Giveaway. Offer a giveaway to get more people through the door, such as a gift card to a local restaurant or a tablet. You could partner with other agents that have houses for sale in the same neighborhood and create an "open house day". You could then pool your resources to giveaway an extreme prize. Get creative!

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