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Real Estate TV Shows Debunked

By: Old Point Bank / 01 Mar 2017
Real Estate TV Shows Debunked

Real estate TV shows are great for viewing but they can be misleading if you are actually looking to remodel or buy a home. Here are a few discrepancies from what you see on TV to what is actually happening.

  • Exaggerated Profit: The length of closing timelines are much longer than shown on-screen, negatively effective the given profit.
  • False Timelines: Timelines within the show may look like 30 days, but truly are within 90-120 day timelines.
  • Discounted Materials: Show members are given discounts on materials with certain manufacturer's, lessening actual costs of materials.
  • Unseen Workers: It has been revealed that when a show has three or four workers in a scene, there are truly 30-40 workers in the background.

We hate to break it to you, but sometimes your favorite shows are inaccurate!

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