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Staging Tips For Small Homes!

By: Old Point Bank / 13 Oct 2017
Staging Tips For Small Homes!

Here are some tips on presenting small spaces and making them seem larger than they appear!

  • Remove doors from the hinges. If you remove all of the interior doors, excluding closets, bedrooms, and bathrooms. It allows buyers to see farther throughout the house.
  • Don't use heavy drapes. Use sheers or nothing at all on the windows. The house will instantly feel brighter and more cheery while also extending the view to the outdoors.
  • Use one paint color. In a small space, using one color gives off a continuous feel versus a choppy one if every room is a different color. The same goes for furniture and accessories.
  • Cut out the rugs. Limit the use of rugs to only one or two main areas. Anything more can break up the flow of the flooring, making the space feel even smaller.
  • Go high. Raise your shower curtains and window treatments as high as you can. This gives the illusion of higher ceilings and a bigger space.

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