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Summer Energy Saving Tips!

By: Old Point National Bank / 02 Aug 2017
Summer Energy Saving Tips!

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Americans spend more than $29 billion each year on air conditioning. Here are a few tips to help reduce your energy bill this summer while keeping your home cool.

  • Use a Programmable Thermostat – Use a programmable thermostat and raise the temperature when you're not home. Doing this will prevent the system from using unnecessary energy to cool the home if you're not there.
  • Turn On Ceiling Fans – If used in conjunction with an air conditioning system, the fans are very effective at lowering the indoor temperature by circulating the cool air throughout the room. In the summer, ceiling fan blades should rotate counterclockwise to push cool air down to the floor. In the winter the blades should turn clockwise to pull cool air up.
  • Postpone the Use of Appliances — It is best to use heat-generating appliances, such as ovens, dishwashers, and dryers, in the evening instead of the hottest part of the day. If possible, skip using the oven during the summer and grill outside more often. Any use of the oven will heat up the home.
  • Keep the Doors Inside the Home Open — While in the winter, closing interior doors helps keep heat in specific rooms. Doing so in the hot summer months is detrimental. You want air to flow freely through rooms and throughout the entire home. Good airflow means a cooler home.
  • Change Air Filters Regularly — Clogged filters will force the air conditioning system to work harder and use more energy, resulting in higher utility bills. Clean filters also improve indoor air quality.
  • Check the Window Coverings —Thermal drapes, cellular shades or blackout curtains will keep the heat outside and the cool air inside the home.
  • Schedule an Air Conditioner Tune-Up — Proper HVAC maintenance, which includes having a professional clean coils, fans, air filters and check for the proper refrigerant charge, is the best way to ensure that the unit runs efficiently and effectively.

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