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Things To Buy After Purchasing A Home!

By: Old Point National Bank / 31 May 2017
Things To Buy After Purchasing A Home!

Before purchasing a home, you may not have thought about all of the items you would need for your house that you didn't need if you were renting an apartment. Here are a few items you will need to buy now that you've closed on your home!

  • 1. New Keys & Locks - Re-keying or changing your door locks is a smart thing to do. It's possible that the previous owners had given copies of their keys to friends, family and neighbors. Once you have new locks, hide a copy of your new key in a safe place in case you are ever locked out.
  • 2. Lawnmower - Before purchasing a lawnmower, compare brands and research reviews online. To save money, look for used lawnmowers in your local newspaper.
  • 3. Garden Supplies - Every home needs a garden hose, which is relatively inexpensive. You'll also need items such as weed-whackers, shovels, racks, a watering can or wagon. A push broom will also be needed for sweeping your garage floor.
  • 4. Well-Stocked Toolbox - Consider essential items such as hammers, assorted screwdrivers, pliers, a power drill, and a tape measure.

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