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Tips for Creating Great Virtual Listing Presentations

By: Old Point Bank / 26 May 2020
Tips for Creating Great Virtual Listing Presentations

With the current importance of social distancing, realtors are turning to technology to connect with prospects virtually. Not being able to meet in-person is causing new challenges for realtors such as gaining new clients and nurturing current relationships. With in-person listing presentations being nearly impossible, realtors are relying on technology to showcase properties and communicate with prospects and clients.

Here are some tips to create great virtual listing presentations:

  • Research the Property - Learn everything that you can about the home from online resources, as you may not be able to view the home in person. Research the neighborhood and similar homes that you have sold in the past to come up with an effective targeted campaign. You can use your research and past experiences to back up your listing presentation.
  • Utilize Available Technology - There are many different technologies available to create virtual tours to showcase a property. Be sure to find a program that you are comfortable with and research any available features that you can utilize to enhance your presentation. Be sure that your clients are comfortable with meeting through video. Some clients may appreciate high-tech virtual presentations, while others might be more comfortable with traditional phones call and emails.
  • Practice Your Presentation - Once you choose a program, it is important that you practice your presentation before posting or going live. You may find that you are not comfortable doing a live virtual tour and that a video recording or slideshow presentation might be a better method for you. Be sure that your photos, videos and sound are high quality and that your quality of work does not decrease with the changes of your working situation and available resources.
  • Encourage Feedback and Participation - Be sure that you engage the audience and encourage feedback from all viewers. Allow for multiple breaks to ask and answer any questions about the listing or the seller's motivation for selling the home. This will help guide your presentation and bring up talking points that are important for selling the home.
  • Provide Takeaways - People will not remember every piece of the presentation. It is important that you provide a recording or slide deck of the presentation to view at a later time. You can also provide additional information such as: financing options, things to do in the area, schools, restaurants, amenities and stats about the neighborhood or area. You can also show them assets and stats from similar homes that you have sold in the past.
  • Follow Up - It is extremely important that you follow up quickly and that you are always responsive and clear up any uncertainties as they arise. This is an opportunity to answer any questions or bring up any information that you left out of the presentation. Be sure to thank them for their time, gauge their level of interest and communicate what your plan to sell the home entails. Assess what went well and what did not to use for future presentations. If the answer is "not now", then you may want to follow up further down the road, so when it comes time to sell they will choose you as their listing agent or refer you to new prospects.

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