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Tips For Taking Better Real Estate Headshots

By: Old Point Bank / 13 Mar 2018
Tips For Taking Better Real Estate Headshots

If you've been re-evaluating your branding and marketing, you should consider your old headshot. A better photo can make you and your branding look rejuvenated.

Ask yourself these questions when deciding how to rev up your image and put your best face forward!

Does it look like you? If your old headshot doesn't resemble how you look currently, it's time for a new one.

Who took it? Consider looking for a photographer with a newer perspective than your former photographer. Find someone whose portraits are more interesting and inventive. They can help you convey the image you're going for in your marketing.

What does it say about you? What do you offer clients that's unique or special? Do you have a nurturing personality that guides first time homebuyers like no one else? Your headshot should convey something that matters about you and your business.

Make revisiting your branding and the image you project a regular part of your marketing. If it's been a while, it may be time for a reboot!

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