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Ways To Find Home Buyers on Facebook

By: Old Point National Bank / 20 Jun 2018
Ways To Find Home Buyers on Facebook

As a real estate professional, you can find renters and homeowners, both young and old, connecting with friends all the time on Facebook. This is a great opportunity for capturing leads, but how do you find them? Here are three big ways to find home buyers on Facebook.

  • Launch an ad. Facebook's ad program has much knowledge about their users. Launch an ad targeting a keyword or category that would find people interested in buying or selling a home. Target your ads by category, like "Real Estate", which about 1.1 million of its users are interested in.
  • Identify influencers who are attracting home buyers. Identify popular people who are sharing information that a home buyer would care about. Once you've found them, comment on a post or "like" their page. Begin interacting with them and you'll soon find your name in front of a large audience of potential home buyers.
  • Share content that your audience cares about. Share your listings on your Facebook wall. Write a blog post about how to buy a home. Home buyers will come to you if you focus on understanding your demographic and creating information they care about.

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